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Architectural Documents

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) reviews each ACC submittal from all homeowners to uphold the Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&R's) and general, consistent appearance of the community, concentrating on any improvement or renovations that could adversely affect continuity of the community and general exterior appearance (e.g. fences having good side out when in public view along public streets, sidewalks and channel). They try to adhere to approving any submittal received by the 15th of a month by month's end, if there are no issues or questions.

Completing the required ACC Form (below) for any alterations or changes to the outside appearance of your home is required and completing that form as completely as possible helps ensure a quicker response. The Committee may contact the homeowner with additional questions if the ACC form does not clearly describe the project or they just need clarification.

The ACC then submits their recommendation to the Board for a final vote. Typically the Board agrees with the ACC recommendation. The ACC informs SBB of the Board's final vote and any issues they want specifically addressed or clarified in the response letter sent to the homeowner. A copy of any communication is kept in each homeowner's file maintained by SBB.

Having an approved ACC form on file with SBB is critical, especially when you plan to sell. SBB is required by law to physically drive by each home during the sale process to assess any violations and confirm whether any changes to the exterior of the home/property have an approved ACC form on file. If a project has been done without this approval, it can and has held up the sale of a home. This is a state law requirement to protect the neighborhood from unapproved projects passing to the next homeowner without appropriate remedy.

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Wellington at Preston Meadows ARC Eform .pdf Wellington at Preston Meadows HOA March 18, 2020 194.02 KB Download
ACC Pols - Procedures REV W-PM .pdf January 16, 2018 12.66 KB Download

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