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Community Resources

Free service from the Plano Police Department:

    The Plano Police Department's Crime Prevention unit offers a free service to Plano residents called Home Security Assessment. Click here to learn more!

City of Plano "Fix It" Contact

    Phone or text road, alley, sidewalk, wall issues to 469-773-4948

Neighborhood trash pickup and recycling

Good Neighbor Reminders:

    Please consider parking your as many of your vehicles as possible either in your garage or driveway. Keeping our narrow neighborhood streets clear enables emergency vehicles easy access, potentially protects your vehicles from break-ins which we have had a few of, keeps the roads clear so children are easily spotted and significantly improves the appearance of our neighborhood.
    Please remember to drive cautiously in the alleyways as we have had close calls as a result of people driving too fast.
    It would be greatly appreciated if bulk trash items could only be put out for collection no sooner than the Sunday before the monthly pick-up date, which is currently the last Thursday of the month.
    Remember fire code requires that your house number should be easily identifiable both from the front and alleyways.
    Please be respectful of common area and neighbors properties by cleaning up after your dog.
    For your information, bird feeders and bird seed can attract rats which in turn can attract snakes. Since rats are a common problem in Plano, we wanted to share this information. Rat traps set along walls/fences using peanut butter for bait have been known to have success.
    Appreciate anyone who puts a sign up on a sign/light pole to please take it down afterward.
    Only one for sale yard sign is permitted for selling a house, except for an open house. Then it must be removed immediately after open house is complete.
    The same holds true for garage sales. Please remove all signs immediately after garage sale.
    PODs (temporary movable storage containers) are not permitted in driveways, etc., except for a couple days for loading/unloading.
    City of Plano garbage containers can be a hazard in alleyways when your neighbors are trying to back out of their driveways, identity thieves love to rummage through them and they are not very attractive. Wherever possible, please keep them out of alleys. Its understood this isn't always possible.just a suggestion. Also, please do not fill garage cans so full that the wind could blow the contents around littering the neighborhood.